Moon 2022 Calendar Printable Free Download | Yearly Lunar Phases Planner

Moon 2022 Calendar: Plan each day of this year with yearly lunar phases calendar featuring all 12 months of the year. Here are the moon calendars which can be used for Astrology and for other purposes. The moon moves through many phases and can have a profound effect on our energy. Here in this article, we are going to discuss some of the Lunar events that will be occurred throughout the year. So brace yourself for the Lunar phases Moon calendar 2022. You may also like the calligraphy 2022 yearly calendar also.

Moon 2022 Calendar Printable Download

You are going to save the printable moon calendars for this year but along with it, there are some lunar events that need to be discussed here. Let’s start! There will be a black moon on 30th April. Black moons are when two full moons take place in the same month, the second is known as a Black Moon. Have you seen 2022 calendar vector designs?

2022 lunar calendar in portrait style
2022 lunar calendar in portrait style (Image source: Dreamymoons)
download moon calendar for 2022 all lunar phases
Download moon calendar for 2022 all lunar phases
free 2022 moon calendar with all months
Free 2022 moon calendar with all months
print 2022 moon calendar yearly planner
Print 2022 moon calendar yearly planner
moon 2022 calendar printable
Moon 2022 calendar printable

The next lunar event will be on the 16th of May and it will be the total Lunar Eclipse. According to Astrology, Lunar Eclipse is thought to bring around a change in circumstances or reversal in fortunes. There will be a Super Full Moon on the 14th of June 2022. This is when the Moon is closer to the earth than usual, making it look particularly large and bright.

Micro New Moon, is the reverse of the Super full moon. Yeah, you guessed it right. A micro moon is when the Moon is at its furthest point from the Earth, making it appear smaller than usual. It will occur on 29th June 2022. Feel free to use January 2022 daily calendar.

So these are the Moon calendar 2022 with all lunar phases. You are free to download these lunar calendars as many times as you want. After downloading, don’t forget to share this article.

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